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Terms Of Use

Using Newcastleton Net Virtual Tours

  • All the information, photos and 360 degree panoramas used to deliver this virtual tour have been provided by Keynect - details below.
  • The tour is for use as a guide only and therefore some photos and visualisation may become outdated.
  • You are free to download and save any images and quicktime movie files for your own personal use only.
  • Re-using sections of the tour for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden unless permission has been granted by Keynect.
  • You may be required to download additional software to view the movie files and enable Plug-Ins from your quick preferences menu or you will get a blank movie screen.
  • QuickTime Movies will only open with the QuickTime plugin available form Apple.
  • We have taken great care to ensure our web site is virus free, all the files have been checked for viruses before uploading to the website using McAfee, however we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur.


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